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  • If you have not done so we recommend
    you first watch the conflict scenario

    You just experienced a situation where both parties spoke in
    their own language and were not able to shift their energies
    to match the other person's preferred communication style.
    Conflict and non-performance on both sides are the result.
    Let's see what happens if they tune into each other's needs...

    Paul has a great sense of dedication and is very committed.

    Rick usually starts a conversation in an easy-going, casual manner.

    Recognising Rick's need for playful contact, Paul shifts his communication style,
    using more energetic words.

    …to which Rick responds enthusiastically.

    Remaining on Rick’s level, he manages easily to get his request across.

    Having now had playful interaction, Rick is ready to get down to the job at hand.
    By asking a question he shifts into Paul’s preferred communication style.

    To which Paul responds giving his opinion.

    Rick confirms Paul’s beliefs and offers a solution – still using his animated language that is so typical for personalities like him. They are great at finding unusual solutions and thinking outside the box.

    Having spoken to Rick in a conversational style that is appropriate to him,
    Paul leaves the meeting knowing he has Rick’s full co-operation.
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