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  • If you have not done so we recommend
    you first watch the conflict scenario
    You just experienced a situation where both parties spoke
    in their own language and were not able to shift their energies
    to match the other person’s preferred communication style.
    Conflict and non-performance on both sides are the result.
    Let’s see what happens if Paul tunes into what Ina needs...

    Ina is a calm, reflective and imaginative person and responds well to direct concise communications.

    It is not unusual for Ina to wait for more direction.

    Paul maintains Ina’s co-operation by continuing to communicate his needs
    in a calm and autocratic manner.

    Given a clear time frame and direct, concise instructions Ina responds positively
    as she appreciates being directed.

    Ina has a natural talent for delving into complex matters and grasping their meaning.

    Personalities like Ina seek solitude and excel in free and imaginative chains of thought.

    Having communicated using words, tones, gestures, postures and facial expressions suited to Ina, Paul has achieved Ina's full co-operation guaranteeing the best possible result.
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